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Polish Vintage Film Posters pt. 3 (pt. 1, pt. 2)

Tootsie, Artist: Wieslaw Walkuski
Year: 1984

Dances with Wolves, Artist: Andrzej Pagowski
Year: 1991

Cleopatra, Artist: Eryk Lipinski
Year: 1968

The Return of the Pink Panther, Artist: Edward Lutczyn
Year: 1977

Star Wars, Artist: Jakub Erol
Year: 1978

The Empire Strikes Back, Artist: Miroslaw Lakomski
Year: 1983

Return of the Jedi, Artist: Witold Dybowski
Year: 1984

2001: A Space Odyssey, Artist: Wiktor Gorka
Year: 1973

Working Girl, Artist: Andrzej Pagowski
Year: 1990

Weekend at Bernie’s, Artist: Jakub Erol
Year: 1990


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Sanma(Saury) & Natto Dinner