It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.-Alfer Adler


a selection of images from alison wright’s face to face: portraits of the human spirit, taken in: (1) new ireland, papua new guinea; (2) dharamsala, india, of tibetan refugees; (3) altai mountains of mongolia; (4) kenya; (5) li river, china; (6) alaska; (7) haiti, after the 2010 earthquake; (8) thailand’s rashada pier slum, home to unofficial burmese refugees; (9) angkor wat, cambodia; and (10) kabul, afghanistan.

"the planet, at times, can seem so vast, with the numbers almost too large for us to comprehend," she writes. "but when you capture the look in someone’s eyes, an intimate stare, a knowing glance, his or her situation becomes a shared experience, a more personal connection."

"one of the many things i have learned during my [over twenty] years of global travel is that no matter how unique we may look in appearance, from the exotic to the mundane, we basically have the same universal desires and concerns," she says.

following her four years documenting tibetan refugees, wright founded the faces of hope fund, which helps provide aid, medical care and education to children in crisis around the world. “when documenting worldwide humanitarian issues, i strive to bring a face to the place and raise social conscious awareness. but sometimes making a photo doesn’t feel like enough,” she says.

"i bear witness to the dire needs and situations of children of each of the countries that i travel. despite sometimes feeling that we’re digging our way out of a catastrophe with a teaspoon i’ve learned along the way that helping even one child is at least something."

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